Have we got a fantastic episode for you this week! Honestly, we could have chatted for hours with Kim Price from The Ladies of Leet podcast! Listen to hear us discuss game podcasting, retro gaming parents, and more! In our Gender Sells segment, we talk about two commercials and dancing hamsters that make the doc scratch her head. Commercials: Kia Soul Hamsters Tide & Downey: The Princess Dress We are still looking for support for our Extra Life Teams! Yes, Game on Girl has two teams this year: East and West coast represent! If you can, please give your support to this fabulous event and help us support ourRead More →

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The focus of this week’s show comes from a letter a listener sent us about playing online with his eight year old daughter. We talk about strategies for raising strong gamer girls and how to deal with trolling that should be reserved for adult gamers. We have some new commercials we discuss and a quick WRaP about our favorite shows of the new fall season, along with the games we’re playing and Regina’s continued addiction to The House of Night. Commercials: Renuzit Sexy Airfresheners Guiness Teamwork As always, we’d love your feedback. In particular we would love to hear some strategies from other gaming parentsRead More →

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We have an eclectic show for you this week. We take on several different topics in one show! Introducing a new segment, we talk about gender stereotypes in commercials. “Gender Sells” will become a regular segment and one we’d love to hear your suggestions about. Then we talk about two short Wonder Woman videos shared with us by a listener. We also talk about game narratives that aren’t inherent to the game. Then we WRaP up with how we’re geeking out this week. So many good topics, such a great conversation! Links Discussed: Gender Sells: Chevy “Crazy” Cruise and Bounty Dad Wonder Woman Short Films:Read More →

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I’m not a Blizzard employee or long-time player (yet), so don’t know the actually reasoning behind the follow feature in World of Warcraft.  However, based on my experience, I choose to believe it was created for moms who want to play an MMORPG, but don’t want to be Clara (of The Guild). My friend Sara got my husband and me to start playing WoW with her about a year ago.  At the time my kids were 2, 4, and 7.  We generally wait until they’re in bed to play, but kids in bed does not necessarily mean kids no longer need attention.  Inevitably someone needsRead More →

Longtime fans of Hordes and Warmachine and anyone else with a penchant for bone-crunching, metal mangling gameplay, will find much of that experience re-envisioned in a hard hitting deck building game called High Command from Privateer Press.  It is available as separate Warmachine and Hordes sets, and both bring all the same fun of theorycrafting army builds in a smooth, streamlined, and more portable format.  High Command’s card-crunching spin on the Iron Kingdoms successfully shakes up the deck building genre in several ways. Each player first chooses three warcasters or warlocks to use.  Warcaster and warlock cards in High Command provide a wide variety ofRead More →

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We have a great conversation for you this week as we chat with new writer for the Game on Girl site, Amy Joel. Amy shares stories from her gaming history, gaming present, and her gaming family. Check out her intro on the site and keep an eye out for more articles! Amy joins us as we WRaP up our week with our geeky choices to Watch, Read, and Play. We get a little caught up in this discussion since it’s the new fall television season. Say hello and welcome Amy to the site! Leave your WRaP suggestions in the comments. What Awesome geeky stuff are we missing out on?Read More →

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Some interesting discussions popped up around the selection of this year’s Miss America. Social networks were ablaze with this story from BuzzFeed which chronicled many racist Tweets about the crowing of Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American to win the title. From there, Ben Kuchera at Penny Arcade and Alyssa Rosenberg from Think Progress posted responses to the idea that public shaming might be used as a learning tool in these situations. We discuss the idea of public shaming and whether or not it is an effective tactic for dealing with ideological differences. We also WRaP this week with an excited discussion about what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. It’s fall so some of ourRead More →

New video Friday! This one is a fan girl highlight for me: getting a chance to game with James Silva from SKA Studios. I love SKA’s productions including The Dishwasher and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1. But I have to say, Charlie Murder just tops them all. Love the combination of fighting game with RPG elements and the amazing artwork. Make sure to check it out on Xbox Live Arcade! Until next time, game on! ReginaRead More →

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Regina has graciously invited me to share some of my thoughts on gaming as a Mom – and in general (I hope) – so I thought I should start by explaining briefly how I got here. My introduction to game culture and serious gaming began in 2011.  I had 3 kids – a 9 month old, a 3 year old, and a 5 year old – and was doing a bit of editing on the side.   I played some Wii games with my husband, but our daughter had taken over the DS and my online/computer gaming was basically limited to Facebook games.  My husband toldRead More →

Hooray! Thanks to the wonderful people at MMO Reporter, we have a complete video of the panel I moderated at PAX Prime this year. This is seriously exciting because we lost the audio for the panel so I wasn’t able to review it myself. Better, even, I get to review the question and answer section which is always my favorite part of presenting because the audience always comes up with the best questions that really get me thinking about things. How awesome is that?   I forgot at the end of the panel to reveal the gamer types of our panelists. So I’ll ask youRead More →