Recently Regina tweeted about violent video games being a catalyst for the spree killings we have the misfortune of suffering from time to time in the United States. Let me clarify. She didn’t say that violent video games cause this. She was actually stating that this is not the case. I agree.  Some would argue that our society has become more prone to violence in recent years. Some would say that all you need to do is look at the news and you will see the proof. Often in the media they state or imply that a connection exists between playing violent games and actualRead More →

  At PAX East, the zombies are fresh and ripe. Check out our new episode to hear all about our PAX East adventures. We talked to some great people and went to some fabulous panels. If you were at PAX East, we’d love to hear about your experiences and if you weren’t, what are you sad you missed? Leave your comments here. People we met and makers of the games we’re looking forward to: The Married Gamers, Chris and Kel. The Black Glove, Aaron from ManDateMondays  Megan Marie from Crystal Dynamics Tom Eastman from Trinket Studios Angela Puccini from Hackcessibility James Portnow from Extra CreditsRead More →

Long awaited and much anticipated, we proudly present to you, the “What is Your Gamer Type?” panel from a fabulous con. PAX East was a landmark event for Game on Girl for more than one reason but most importantly, perhaps, was the uniting of Regina and Rhonda live and in person for the first time. And here we are, suspended above the PAX East EXPO floor: Let us know what you think about the panel and make sure to take the What is Your Gamer Type? Quizand let us know your type at #MyGamerType on Twitter. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our showRead More →

  In episode 54, we discuss how social media games are impacting our definitions of gaming and gamers. We chat with Sharon Browning, a writer for the site, who recently wrote a series of articles about this very topic. Check out her articles and our discussion in the episode. This week is a big one for Game on Girl… Rhonda and I will be meeting in just a few short days in Boston for PAX East! If you’re going to be in town for the con, give us a shout out and make sure to attend our panel on Friday at 5:30 in the SphinxRead More →

Bye Zynga Farmville

If you are on Facebook, you know Zynga.  Even if you never heard of them, you’ve probably felt their affect.  FarmVille, FarmVille2, YoVille, Words With Friends, Indiana Jones Adventure World, CastleVille, CityVille, ChefVille, The Ville, Slingo, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Hidden Chronicles, Bubble Safari…. all are current or past games that either you or at least some of your friends have played or are playing. Founded by Mark Pincus in April 2007 (named after his beloved bulldog, hence the company’s logo), Zynga launched its first game in July 2007:  Texas Hold’Em Poker (now Zynga Poker).  Within 2 years the company was the #1 app developerRead More →

Reportedly the title of this piece is what Darius the Great tasked a servant with whispering in his ear three times a day. You see, he swore revenge on the Athenians for their part in the burning of Sardis. He apparently took his oath seriously and didn’t want to forget. I would even venture a guess that he didn’t want to forget how angry he felt either. But, more about this in a bit. In case you haven’t been following gaming news this week, the latest incarnation of SimCity was released by Electronic Arts. To say that the launch hasn’t gone well would be likeRead More →

We take on the role of female protagonists in this week’s episode, discussing a recent article by Carolyn Petit on Gamespot. In “Fear of a Woman Warrior,” Petit writes about how the new Aliens game was almost void of any playable female characters. We discuss the kind of impact missing female avatars might have on the game, especially given the Alien franchise’s history having kick ass female characters. Listen and let us know what you think about the article and our analysis of it. We’ve got some really exciting events coming up in the near future! On Friday, March 22 at 5:30pm, we will be presenting at PAX East!Read More →

Blackwood and Bell Mysteries facebook game

Ok, so I didn’t leave it completely.  I still play Words with Friends with one person (only one, mind you; ok, occasionally with two, but only those two!) and an “action adventure” game called Castle Age, mainly because I’ve belonged to a few really strong guilds there and have met many wonderful people with whom I do not want to lose touch.  (I have one other game loaded because a friend of mine works on it, but honestly, I haven’t played it in ages and occasionally try others, but tend to leave them after a day or two.) But all the other games:  FarmVille,  VampireRead More →

Returning to our series discussing gaming basics, we talk about all you’d ever want to know about RPGs or Role Playing Games. We talk about the connections between tabletop and digital games, terms, and how and why we find this genre to be so compelling. Check it out to catch up on the terms we often use and share it with your non-gaming friends and family. Maybe this will get them to join you in a campaign. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via iTunes or the RSS Feed. Like us on Facebook to participate in our listener polls! UntilRead More →