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Update – Mothering: The Game

Greetings, Everyone, It's time for a campaign update! So much has happened with my Inkshares book campaign for Mothering: The Game and the Nerdist contest. We are rapidly reaching the end of the contest run on July 15th at Noon Pacific Time. If you've been waiting to place your pre-order, now is the time! The contest… Continue reading Update – Mothering: The Game

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Mothering: The Game

Many of you may have seen on my Twitter account how I launched an Inkshares campaign last week. Inkshares is a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but just for books and book publication. You have a concept and some writing done on a book, you can put that concept up and share some of your writing… Continue reading Mothering: The Game

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Ambassadors Wanted – Apply Now!

Ambassadors Call To Arms! Are you a highly motivated, engaged geek? Are you looking for a creative outlet for your writing? Have you always wanted to create video or audio content for the web? The Geek Embassy is recruiting Ambassadors. We are looking for writers and content producers for the website who are dedicated to… Continue reading Ambassadors Wanted – Apply Now!

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Welcome to The Geek Embassy

https://youtu.be/SXnDTKJqgTI Hello Everyone and Welcome to The Geek Embassy! Today we launch our new website, The Geek Embassy. Game on Girl was my first passion project and, like a lot of passion projects, it was a lot about me as an individual. I identified with the site, with our mascot, GiGi, and with the mission to identify… Continue reading Welcome to The Geek Embassy

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Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

This week we review an excellent anthology focused on women gamers. "Chicks Dig Gaming" from Mad Norwegian press is a great collection of stories and articles we are sure you would love. We share some quotes from our favorite stories in the collection. We WRaP up the episode with what we are Watching, Reading, and… Continue reading Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

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Episode 130 – Tim Weaver, author of “Never Coming Back”

Rhonda here. Mark joins me as co-host this week. We were thrilled to have as our guest, The Sunday Times bestselling author, Tim Weaver. Weaver contacted me after I posted my review of his first U.S. publication, Never Coming Back, and I responded like any fangirl would by asking him to be on the show.… Continue reading Episode 130 – Tim Weaver, author of “Never Coming Back”

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Episode 123 – Fangirl Tricia Barr

Have we got a great show for you this week! Tricia Barr from FANgirl Blog joins us. We discuss Star Wars fandom, strong female characters, and writing. Check out the episode and let us know what you think in the comments. Links Tricia Barr is FanGirl "What is Strong?" "Agent of My Own Destiny: A… Continue reading Episode 123 – Fangirl Tricia Barr

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Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

This week, we chat with writer, gamer, blogger, and mom, Toni Lesatz from My Book Addiction. We have a great chat about writing, gaming, and website promotions. LINKS GameFly Goodreads Sewer Shark Into the Dead Zombie Gunship For Toni Lesatz: MyBookAddiction Facebook Goodreads Google+ Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube SUMMER BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BEACH Blood Sucking Fiends… Continue reading Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

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Episode 102 – Nika Harper: Story Mode

Generally, I try not to think about episodes in terms of favorites but I have to confess that our guest this week has already become a favorite. Nika Harper joins us from the Geek & Sundry vlog channel. Her new show, Story Mode, combines game play and story telling - two of the things we love the most about… Continue reading Episode 102 – Nika Harper: Story Mode