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A Gigawatt Jukebox themed playlist From Rockabilly to Reggae, Movie Scores to Soul, our Gigawatt Jukebox is out of control.  In true geek style, we submit a never-ending playlist that is not concerned with genre, popularity, or album release date.   Since 1966, Star Trek has entertained generations of fans with its space adventures into the future.  Pop culture has never been the same.  With such influence, it is no surprise that Star Trek’s television and movie presence would make its way into the music industry as well.  From its cast members down to its everyday fans, music has been taken where no man has gone before.Read More →

star trek

Admit it, you’re a Trekkie. You’ve seen Star Trek Beyond, okaym maybe more than once, and now you’re jonesing for more.  You’ve busted out your DVDs of the previous movies. You’ve put on your headset and tried the latest Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday.  You’ve even changed your cell phone notification to that communicator beeping sound.  Somehow this is still not enough.  It’s time to warp into action with a galactically cool game night. The Games There are a few choices, but the number one choice is clear (like his blue blue eyes):  Star Trek Catan.  Settle where no man has gone before. ForRead More →

orange is the new black Piper

As the focal point of the series, Piper Chapman is the viewer’s introduction to prison life in Orange Is the New Black (2013 – ). We experience firsthand her entry into Litchfield and follow her as she acclimates to her new environment. At the onset of the show, Piper serves as a proxy for the audience. She introduces them to unfamiliar new circumstances and people and, as such, is intentionally relatable. Piper stumbles through the beginning of her time at Litchfield, making profound mistakes right and left and struggling to adapt to a place that is so different from her native Park Slope. As a result,Read More →


For our June LIVE Hangout, we talked about villains: the ones you love to hate and hate to love. What makes them relate-able or hate-able? Rhonda, Mark, Isabela, and I had a great time chatting about our favorite villains from movies, TV, books, and video games. We also had a wildcard category which Rhonda won hands down. We start the discussion determining which villains we think are canon, ones that set the standard for the rest. Included are some of the greats of modern mythology: Darth Vader, Voldemort, and the Wicked Witch of the West. Listen and tell us what you think of our selectionsRead More →


I wasn’t sure how I would feel watching Breaking Bad. Before I began binge watching the series a few weeks ago, I only knew the very basics of the story. High school chemistry teacher with cancer, desperate for money to support his family so he starts making meth. It had been on my Netflix to watch list for years. I admit I avoided it because I thought it would have the same impact on me that Battlestar Galactica had: stress. I watched BSG while I was working on my dissertation and realized only after I finished the series how it had added so profoundly toRead More →


Hi there! I’m Mark. I want to introduce myself and give you my credentials. In short, what makes me qualified to be an ambassador on the Geek Embassy. Like most people, my interests are varied and I have several hobbies that I can talk about. Let me walk you through what sort of things you’ll most likely be seeing from me in the future. My first love growing up was music. The first LP that I ever received was “Destroyer” by Kiss at the tender age of 5. It was in my Easter basket of all things! I still haven’t figured out if this was an incrediblyRead More →

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Hey Everyone! We had a great time for our October hanging talking about all things undead. We talk about games, movies, TV shows, fast versus slow zombies, and if one of the most famous science fiction creatures is really a zombies. We also chat a bit about whether zombies have had their day and are on the way out. If you haven’t read Rhonda’s article about that, check it out. Our next LIVE Hangout will be Sunday, November 15 at 2pm Pacific. We’re looking for topic suggestions. Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to tackle. Until next time, getRead More →

Screenshot of Jaime and Claire from Starz's Outlander.

When talking to a co-worker about how I was reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon because I was a big fan of the show on Starz, the words “It’s a guilty pleasure of mine” actually slipped out of my mouth. I thought I had stricken that phrase out of my vocabulary, but sometimes it makes its way into my speech, no matter how much I try to keep it out. I started this when I realized that “guilty pleasure” was something I used to wave away things I enjoyed, but knew the average person would think were silly or trivial. Or, more often than not, mediaRead More →

true blood season 7

In our first ever Halloween episode, Rhonda and I talk about season 7 of True Blood. I will warn you now – WE SPOIL EVERYTHING. So if you are a fan and haven’t watched, skip to the last part of the episode where we talk about our favorite scary games, TV, movies, and books. My book selection made Rhonda laugh out loud. You should listen just to find out why! “True Blood“, Season 7 SCARY GAMES Silent Hill, Konami Dead Space, EA (available for Kindle and Android) Pandemic, Z-man Games SCARY MOVIES “The Shining” “Session 9” SCARY TV “American Horror Story” “The Walking Dead“, SeasonRead More →