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Autobiography Told Through Music

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this month's hangout about our musical autobiographies due to some family issues. However, Regina and I talked a bit and thought it was a good idea for me to share them here in writing. I know it's not the same as a back and forth discussion, but I guess it's… Continue reading Autobiography Told Through Music

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10 Classic Tunes to “Liven” up your Barbecue

A Gigawatt Jukebox themed playlist From Rockabilly to Reggae, Movie Scores to Soul, our Gigawatt Jukebox is out of control.  In true geek style, we submit a never-ending playlist that is not concerned with genre, popularity, or album release date.   With Summertime Barbecue season in full gear, it is only appropriate to introduce a special edition of… Continue reading 10 Classic Tunes to “Liven” up your Barbecue

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Being Enchanted by Tiny Homes

I think I was obsessed with small spaces before I ever saw or learned about tiny homes. It all started with a small fixation with drawing architecture in early college. I drew a lot back then and drawing buildings and living spaces fascinated me. I started to check out heaps of books from the library… Continue reading Being Enchanted by Tiny Homes

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June 2016 LIVE Google Hangout

Greetings, Geeks! We are live this Sunday, June 12th at 2 PM PST. We're all looking forward to geeking out with you this weekend! Our theme this month is favorite villains – those you love to hate and hate to love. Regina will also talk more about her Inkshares campaign and the Nerdist video games contest! Have something… Continue reading June 2016 LIVE Google Hangout

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The Sad Tale of Adam Orth

On or around the tenth of this month it was reported by many gaming news web sites that Adam Orth, who was until April 10th a creative director at Microsoft, had resigned. This is due to some unfortunate statements on Twitter. Let me tell you how I heard about this.  Regina asked me if I had heard about game… Continue reading The Sad Tale of Adam Orth