Yet Again with the Bullying On Thanksgiving weekend this year, cosplayer and MTG personality Christine Sprankle announced her departure from the MTG community.  In a complete surprise to absolutely no one, Ms. Sprankle cited online harassment and bullying as the reasons for her departure.  Ms. Sprankle identified a YouTube personality as the primary cyber bully, however we will neither mention him by name nor link to his social media presence. A little over a year ago, I ranted about leaving the comic book community over the controversy surrounding Chelsea Cain and the cover to Mockingbird #8.  Granted, I have no influence in the comics community,Read More →

spooky picture for Halloween podcast

If you’re having trouble getting into the Halloween spirit, put on one of these podcasts to set a spooky mood! Welcome to Night Vale Welcome to Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast, narrated by Cecil Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin), the community radio host for the mysterious desert town Night Vale.  Cecil has been a lifelong resident of Night Vale and has been a radio host for… an indeterminate amount of time.  Time is a hazy concept in the town, the dog park is off-limits to the residents, and station management is amorphous, to say the least. The tone can change quickly from comedic toRead More →