The Fuse 1 Feature

The first series of The Fuse, “The Russia Shift,” came out February of 2014. Written by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Justin Greenwood, in the simplest terms, it’s a crime drama in space. But with a multi-layered mythology and two complicated characters that do not conform to hero norms, it is so much more. The Fuse is a five-mile-long satellite in orbit around earth – a floating city with a population of about a half million people. Spanning fifty levels, The Fuse is divided into two political districts: I-SEEC and Midway City. Ralph Dietrich, a young man of color, is an accomplished detective from Munich who requestedRead More →

Batgirl #40 DC Comcis

As a comic book fan, a Batman fan, an artist, and a reasonable person, I’m going to talk about the Batgirl #41 variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque, which has caused the Twitter #ChangeTheCover/#SaveTheCover efforts. The social media fire storm has led DC to cancel publication of the Albuquerque variant cover. Because I wasn’t reading comic books back in 1988 and I hold to the Voldemort Axioms, I went back and read the original “Batman: The Killing Joke” (B:TKJ) by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland which is the influence for the Albuquerque cover. I found it profound and probably the best interpretation of the personas ofRead More →

Molly Jane Kremer reposted an article on TheMarySue (originally posted on DoomRocket) entitled “The New Creative Team on New 52 Wonder Woman Turns the Comic into an Utter (Sexist) Disappointment” (Thursday, November 27, 2014). Since I didn’t consider issue 36, “War Torn,” to be sexist, I thought the creative work deserved some defending.Read More →

First of all, it’s an aesthetics thing. I do not like Javier Pulido’s interior art. The cover art by Kevin Wada is wonderful. There’s so much character and strength in Wada’s She-Hulk. In contrast, Pulido’s features are so geometric and flat they’re inhuman to the point of distraction. Very subjective, soRead More →

I’ve told this story several times on the podcast but I’ve never taken the time to write it down. I’m inspired to now because of the #WhyWonderWoman hashtag that started trending earlier this week. I wanted to tell my story on Twitter, but I really couldn’t do it in 140 characters. Almost the entirety of my massive Wonder Woman paraphernalia collection are gifts I have been given at various points in my life and from various people, but they all tie back to one single person in my life: my mom. If you ask my mom to tell a story about my childhood, she alwaysRead More →

There’s usually at least one new thing I learn in each con panel I attend. Any tidbit that expands my education or adds to the context of a discussion is of great value to me. (For instance, when I attended the Screenwriting panel at DragonCon I picked up the method of writing your screenplay first as a short story and then converting it.) Besides being a thrilling gathering of Captain Marvel and Kelly Sue DeConnick fans, the Carol Corp meeting at DragonCon also taught me something. The Milo Manara variant cover for Spider-Woman #1 was mentioned by the audience and DeConnick made a wonderful observation:Read More →

Hold on to your hats, Game on Girl fans! We’ve got a great show for you this week. Kelly Sue DeConnick is a multifaceted author, Japanese manga adapter and editor, and all around cool chick. This is a fantastic conversation and we’re sure you’ll want to check out her work after you listen. We close out the show with our Geeking Out segment. We’d love some feedback on this new addition to the show. Are you enjoying listening to me and Rhonda geek out over what we are reading, watching and playing? Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda Regina McMenomyRegina is the founder and lead ambassadorRead More →