ruin comics

In reality, I’m sure that the Internet ruined comics long before now but this past week was my personal tipping point. In case you’re unaware, these past two weeks were not particularly great for women in comics.  The Riri Williams variant cover controversy was bad enough.  Then the Mockingbird #8 cover controversy made the Riri scandal look tame by comparison.  It’s Comic-Ghazi. Let’s start with Riri.  On the Jeff Dekal variant cover of Invincible Iron Man #1 Riri looks like a normal human.  The much-maligned J. Scott Campbell variant cover features Riri doing her best impression of Simone Biles in a skintight, low-cut clothing.  Why isRead More →

comic book lingo

Letterer and Inker, Colorist and Artist? What do all these comic book people do and why does it take so many? This is Part 3 in a crash course on comic book lingo that will help you navigate the comic book store and that pile of old comics in the garage.Read More →

sandra glahn guest post

Recently at the grad school where I teach, I attended a prospective-student event in which the faculty introduced ourselves by including not where we got our Ph.D.s, but by something much more important: our favorite cartoon characters. The first words out of my mouth were “Wonder Woman,” whose history veiled in mystery Smithsonian Magazine disclosed  in their November 2014 issue.   I’ve read some great stories in comics, and I received my Ph.D. in no small part due to them. One-third of my comps related to literature. So I reviewed major plots and characters for my oral exams by borrowing and reading Classic Comics (aRead More →

comic book lingo

How can there be a “Detective Comics” printed in 1937 numbered 1 and one printed in 2012 numbered 1? This is Part 2 in a crash course on comic book lingo that will help you navigate the comic book store and that pile of old comics in the garage.Read More →


I have a collection of nerdy hobbies: Trek, D&D, comics, Shadowrun, sci-fi books, Doctor Who… and I could go on.  I rotate between a few at a time; sometimes I let a few sit on the back burner while I go full bore into another one.  You should have seen me with Magic: The Gathering back in middle school.  Oh man, that was my World of Warcraft back in the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothin’ days.  You know, before cable internet and iPhones. I’m approaching 5 years into my latest obsession: roller derby. (Click the link and watch the dude in the yellowRead More →

sandra glahn guest post

Hello!  My name is Dante and if you didn’t have to Google the reference in my article title, then I want to be your friend. I’ve been interested in geeky stuff my whole life, and love talking about it to practically anyone who has ears.  I grew up playing Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog because everyone was playing them, but the real turning point in my life came from a fateful trip to the local Pizza Hut; this marks the only time you’ll ever hear me say that I am glad that I ate at Pizza Hut.  They were sponsoring X-Men: The Animated Series atRead More →

constantine with a bug

In the endless battle between heaven and hell, humanity is always in the crossfire. Although he sees it as a hopeless battle, Constantine is humanity’s unsolicited champion. Brooding, cynical, and crude, his involvement always leaves victims. Everyone hates him because bad things happen when he’s around, but–he’s the guy who deals with bad things.Read More →