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Manga Style — Chibi, Shoujo, Shounen

The Japanese manga style is broken down into three categories: Chibi, Shoujo, and Shounen. All of these terms also apply to anime. Chibi Chibi is used to portray extreme emotions or just to mix up animations styles a bit, generally as comic relief. Chibi characters have large heads, round cheeks, massive eyes, and are highly simplified.… Continue reading Manga Style — Chibi, Shoujo, Shounen

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
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Your Guide To Getting Started With Anime and Manga

I’ve been reading manga since September 2014 and started on anime a year before that. I started watching anime because my friend explained the entire plot of Fullmetal Alchemist to me and I decided I needed to see it. What really drew me in was that I had never seen anything except content for children.… Continue reading Your Guide To Getting Started With Anime and Manga

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Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

This week we review an excellent anthology focused on women gamers. "Chicks Dig Gaming" from Mad Norwegian press is a great collection of stories and articles we are sure you would love. We share some quotes from our favorite stories in the collection. We WRaP up the episode with what we are Watching, Reading, and… Continue reading Episode 137 – “Chicks Dig Gaming”

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#WhyWonderWoman: How the Amazon Princess Fits Into My Story

I've told this story several times on the podcast but I've never taken the time to write it down. I'm inspired to now because of the #WhyWonderWoman hashtag that started trending earlier this week. I wanted to tell my story on Twitter, but I really couldn't do it in 140 characters. Almost the entirety of… Continue reading #WhyWonderWoman: How the Amazon Princess Fits Into My Story

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Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

This week, we chat with writer, gamer, blogger, and mom, Toni Lesatz from My Book Addiction. We have a great chat about writing, gaming, and website promotions. LINKS GameFly Goodreads Sewer Shark Into the Dead Zombie Gunship For Toni Lesatz: MyBookAddiction Facebook Goodreads Google+ Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube SUMMER BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BEACH Blood Sucking Fiends… Continue reading Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

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Episode 70 – Kelly Sue DeConnick

Hold on to your hats, Game on Girl fans! We've got a great show for you this week. Kelly Sue DeConnick is a multifaceted author, Japanese manga adapter and editor, and all around cool chick. This is a fantastic conversation and we're sure you'll want to check out her work after you listen. We close out the show… Continue reading Episode 70 – Kelly Sue DeConnick