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This week, we share our top five child characters from our favorite fantasy books, movies, and TV shows. Listen to hear both our favorites and some of the connections we make to each of these characters. REGINA Arya Stark – Game of Thrones Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter series Charlie – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Meg Murray – A Wrinkle in Time Alanna of Trebond – Song of the Lioness – Tamora Pierce RHONDA 5. Russell in UP 4. Coraline in Coraline 3. Morgan in Enchanted 2. Hermione in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 1. Alexandria in The Fall   Until nextRead More →

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Hubba hubba! Inspired by recent events on The Big Bang Theory, we talk about our favorite geeky romances on this week’s show. Listen to hear our top five romances and geeky love moments from movies, TV, and books. We’d love to hear about your favorite geeky romances and romantic moments! Leave a comment here and let us know! See Rhonda’s moments here. Until next time, Sheldon and Amy got their game on! Regina & Rhonda Regina McMenomyRegina is the founder and lead ambassador of The Geek Embassy. Studying and writing about geeks and geek culture is Regina’s favorite thing to do when she’s not reading studentRead More →

What fun will 2014 hold for Game on Girl? Give us your suggestions! This week, writer Mark and podcast editor Ryan join us to discuss our favorite TV shows, movies, games, and books from 2013. Listen and see if we included your favorite! If not, let us know in the comments! Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Ryan Regina McMenomyRegina is the founder and lead ambassador of The Geek Embassy. Studying and writing about geeks and geek culture is Regina’s favorite thing to do when she’s not reading student papers, dancing an excessive amount of calories away, or chasing after herRead More →

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This week, we discuss some of our favorites to listen to, read, and play on the road. We know many people travel for the holidaze so here are a few suggestions about how to keep your sanity while you are whiling away the hours on the road (or hiding from family…) AUDIO BOOKS “Coming Clean” by Kinberly Rae Miller “Wool” by Hug Howey Any of the Harry Potter series, read by Jim Dale   BOOKS “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline “The Long Halloween” by Jeph Loeb, ill. Tim Sale “The Stupidest Angel” by Christopher Moore   GAMES Candy Crush The Dark Knight Word SolitaireRead More →

WW Linda Carter by Dennis80 on DevitantArt Starting with the newsworthy casting of Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Superman vs Batman” movie, we discuss the movies we are looking forward to in 2014. Our discussion is inspired by these two articles about the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. “Gal Gadot is History’s First Movie Wonder Woman” by Susana Polo with The Mary Sue. “I Still Don’t Want Zack Snyder’s Take on Wonder Woman” by Charlie Jane Anders with io9 Check out the links to all our recommendations here. What do you think of the casting of Gadot as Wonder Woman? What movies areRead More →

  Our editor, Ryan, joins us this week to discuss all the many reasons we have to be happy geeks right now. We talk about movies, TV shows, games, and communities we all take part in. Check out our conversation and let us know how awesome your favorite fandom was in 2013! Links we talked about in the show: Plants vs Zombies garden ornaments Candy Crush mobile game Etsy Geekry merchandise Omni Reboot “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” PBS Digital channels: Game Show & Idea Channel Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda & Ryan Regina McMenomyReginaRead More →

I love television. Especially now that it is more accessible than ever. Since online streaming, I can watch more shows exactly when I want to watch them. *News flash to CBS: Just because you don’t stream Two Broke Girls does not mean I’ll watch it on it’s regularly scheduled night. It means I won’t watch it AT ALL. Stream it and I’ll watch your commercials there. (In the years I’ve been watching online, CBS almost always runs last in the online technology race.) You can imagine… maybe not, but I’m telling you I am always excited when the new Fall season rolls around. If you’reRead More →

We introduced you to the documentary Wonder Women and the companion game Wonder City in episode 65. This week, we take our love of the documentary one step further by interviewing the director, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan. Kristy takes us through her inspiration for the documentary, the process to make it, and what it’s like to interview some of the big name supporters of Wonder Woman, namely Gloria Steinem and Linda Carter. Support this amazing project by purchasing the brand new DVD available through TransitMedia. You can also rent or buy a digital version through Amazon. We also WRaP this week, sharing with you what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. Let usRead More →