Age of Wonders III was released at the end of last month by Dutch developer Triumph Studios. Please allow me to share my thoughts about it with you. Let me start right now by stating that I really enjoy Civilization V. The Heroes of Might and Magic series isn’t bad either. All of this being said, I have NEVER finished a game of either of these two games. Despite almost 300 hours of game play on Civ 5 and countless games of various iterations of Heroes of Might and Magic I have NEVER finished a game of either. I’ve been right on the ragged edge ofRead More →

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This week, Chris and Kelly from The Married Gamers join Regina and Mark to discuss the new first person shooter, Titanfall. After reading Susan Ardent’s article, “Why TItanfall’s Trailer Made Me Emotional,” we were very interested in the game and its representations of gender. Chris and Kelly share their insight and experiences within the game. Are you playing Titanfall? What are your thoughts about the game and the female soldiers? Then we WRaP up the show with what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. Tune in to hear our latest obsessions. Let us know yours in the comments. International Tabletop Day is April 5th! Regina and Isabela will be at Cloud Cap Games in Portland,Read More →

What fun will 2014 hold for Game on Girl? Give us your suggestions! This week, writer Mark and podcast editor Ryan join us to discuss our favorite TV shows, movies, games, and books from 2013. Listen and see if we included your favorite! If not, let us know in the comments! Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Ryan Regina McMenomyRegina is a gamer, writer, teacher, and podcaster living in the Pacific Northwest. She completed her Ph.D. in 2011 from Washington State University in Vancouver and continues to teach there part time. Regina’s research interests focus on women and technology, and herRead More →

  Our editor, Ryan, joins us this week to discuss all the many reasons we have to be happy geeks right now. We talk about movies, TV shows, games, and communities we all take part in. Check out our conversation and let us know how awesome your favorite fandom was in 2013! Links we talked about in the show: Plants vs Zombies garden ornaments Candy Crush mobile game Etsy Geekry merchandise Omni Reboot “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” PBS Digital channels: Game Show & Idea Channel Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda & Ryan Regina McMenomyReginaRead More →

New video Friday! This one is a fan girl highlight for me: getting a chance to game with James Silva from SKA Studios. I love SKA’s productions including The Dishwasher and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1. But I have to say, Charlie Murder just tops them all. Love the combination of fighting game with RPG elements and the amazing artwork. Make sure to check it out on Xbox Live Arcade! Until next time, game on! Regina Regina McMenomyRegina is a gamer, writer, teacher, and podcaster living in the Pacific Northwest. She completed her Ph.D. in 2011 from Washington State University in Vancouver and continuesRead More →

Hooray! Thanks to the wonderful people at MMO Reporter, we have a complete video of the panel I moderated at PAX Prime this year. This is seriously exciting because we lost the audio for the panel so I wasn’t able to review it myself. Better, even, I get to review the question and answer section which is always my favorite part of presenting because the audience always comes up with the best questions that really get me thinking about things. How awesome is that?   I forgot at the end of the panel to reveal the gamer types of our panelists. So I’ll ask youRead More →

Here it is! Our second video from PAX Prime! We talk with Simon Berman from Privateer Press live and in person and get a look at some of the fabulous new games available from Privateer. Since the video, I’ve had a chance to play WARMACHINE: High Command, the deck building card game based on the WARMACHINE lore and it’s great fun. Look for a review coming soon! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! We will have new videos every Friday. Until next time, game on! Regina Regina McMenomyRegina is a gamer, writer, teacher, and podcaster living in the Pacific Northwest. SheRead More →

Well here it is! Our first video production! Join me (Regina AKA DocLizz) on the show floor at PAX Prime. In this segment, we talk to game developers Steve and Jessica Hoogendek about their adventure/ puzzle game, Lilly Looking Through. I fell in love with Lily as soon as I saw her and even more so as I talked to Steve and Jessica. Check out the preview video at the Geeta Games website and the demo on Steam! If you’ve had a chance to play, or really want to from seeing the video, let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more con videosRead More →

Two of our favorite things at Game on Girl cross paths today: tabletop and video games. Simon Berman from Privateer Press joins us to discuss the Kickstarter for WARMACHINE: Tactics. Tactics takes Privateer Press’s popular tabletop miniatures game and translates it to digital format. If that wasn’t awesome enough, the solo player campaign has a kick ass female lead, Lt. Allison Jakes! Joining us for this episode is Game on Girl writer and WARMACHINE veteran player, Mark Schjoll, who also shares what he’s WRaPing this week (Watching, Reading, and Playing). Let us know what you think of the show and go support the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter which wraps up inRead More →

Toria joins us again this week to discuss the second episode in Feminist Frequency’s Tropes vs Women in Video Games series, The Damsel in Distress Part Two. In the second episode in the series, Anita Sarkeesian takes on more modern representations of this long standing plot device. We discuss the uses and abuses of the trope, Sarkeesian’s research methods, and our own feelings about rescuing the damsel. Rhonda, Toria, and I all share what we’re reading, watching, and playing in our new segment, Geeking Out. Let us know what you think about the show in the comments. Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda & Toria ReginaRead More →