It is not hard to get young kids interested in “screen time.” Kids find screens just as captivating as the adults who carry them around in their pockets. I admit to using my screen as a distraction for lots of diaper changes when my daughter was barely old enough to hold it. It certainly cut down on the squiggles back then and made wiping poop a much faster and easier enterprise. So when I started to consider actually having my daughter use my iPad on her own, I knew I wanted to hand pick the games and apps she played with. I found a great resourceRead More →


Welcome to 2016. To start the new year with a bit of a bang, I am starting a regular column (something completely new to me)! Game on Mom Game on Mom will be the place where I explore some of the challenges I face as a new mom with gaming and technology. I plan to publish a topic here once a month. For my inaugural topic, I discuss screen time and young children. I wasn’t even officially a mom when the barrage of information against technology began and since then it has felt like a full frontal assault. For those of you without children, theRead More →

I’ve told this story several times on the podcast but I’ve never taken the time to write it down. I’m inspired to now because of the #WhyWonderWoman hashtag that started trending earlier this week. I wanted to tell my story on Twitter, but I really couldn’t do it in 140 characters. Almost the entirety of my massive Wonder Woman paraphernalia collection are gifts I have been given at various points in my life and from various people, but they all tie back to one single person in my life: my mom. If you ask my mom to tell a story about my childhood, she alwaysRead More →