There are so many advice columns out there on self care. I’m sure you’ve seen them. But you’ve probably noticed that most of them are directed to people who are… not you. They never seem to focus on the nerds and geeks out there who’d rather swing a sword around than move the D&D table to make room for a yoga mat. Or who don’t want to “sit and relax” because 80% of your day is already sitting in front of lines of code. Chances are, some of those self-care tips make you feel more alienated than supported — because gods know you don’t look likeRead More →

Warning: serious stuff ahead. I’ll try to keep it humorous. I was thinking back to the most impactful moments of my nerd life, wondering how things might have changed without them. Various small decisions and influences shaping me into the reasonable facsimile of an adult I am now. What if I’d seen Star Trek before I saw Star Wars? How did Grim and Evil, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Ed, Edd n’ Eddy affect my preferences in media and humor? Where would I be if I never picked up an NES controller? There, but for the grace of Garfield, go I. I wanted to revisitRead More →


Life’s crazy. I get it. But remember that time-management illustration about putting the big rocks in the container before you put in the sand? Time to plan the the big stuff now and fill in the rest instead of letting the holidays get the better of you. This year you can get it right. Here are my twelve suggestions for insuring a calmer holiday season: Think about the reason for the season. If the holidays are rooted in religious meaning for you, make those the focus. Hanukkah starts December 24 this year, so you have some time. This site has some great suggestions. If AdventRead More →

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Most geeks I know, despite the stereotype of science and math nerds who think only in abstract precepts, have an artsy side. They detect patterns others miss like peanuts triggering migraines. They create stuff like Velcro. And they think outside the table the box lies on. Yet if we work too hard, laboring through the weekends and refusing to take that trip to the Grand Canyon, we lose our creative edge.   We know the facts: The average adult needs six to eight hours of sleep nightly.   People who never take a one-day stop every week have higher rates of depression. Some 25 percentRead More →

This week we catch up with researcher and graduate student, Anne Marie Porter. Anne Marie shares with us her research exploring games and health. Yes, you read that right. HEALTH. Listen to hear some fascinating effects gaming can have on the brain. Rhonda and I WRaP up our week as the fall TV season takes off. I share some shows I am reluctant to return to this season – are there any on your NOT to watch list? WATCHING “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge”, SyFy, HuluPlus “New Girl“, Season 3 on Netflix “Brooklyn Nine Nine“, Fox “Selfie“, ABC READING “Chicks Dig Gaming“, Mad Norwegian Press,Read More →

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Hello Everyone! In the eighth episode of Game on Girl, we take on a broader topic in game culture: Gamification. Hear Endorphin Dude, Tony Nguyen, talk about reaching Titanium Marathon status and how gaming helped him get there. Here are the links we reference throughout the show: PopCap / Twitter – Makers of Bejewled Blitz, Plants vs Zombies, and awesome playing cards Game on Girl Steam Group – Come game with us! Extra Credits – Gamification Episode Zombie Run – Portland OR Zombies Run Game – Get chased by zombies as Runner #5 Tony’s Facebook Page and Twitter If you are using Gamification in a new and interesting wayRead More →