I never really fancied myself a cosplayer. I appreciate the spectacle of well executed cosplay and the dedication it takes to do it well. Just the crafting skill alone is something remarkable. But I didn’t think it would be something I participated in but rather something I would always enjoy viewing. That all changed the moment I saw Jillian Holtzmann on the big screen. I am not a hard scientist. I don’t do math or physics or science of any kind. But I still felt a deep kinship to Holtzmann from the first moment I saw her on the screen. I leaned over to my friendRead More →


For September, we close out summer talking about our favorite geeky amusements from the season and delve into a conversation about conventions. We discuss books we are reading, and one someone is writing. We talk about games we’ve been playing; lots of phone and board games including Pandemic: The Cure. Binge watching addictions and series that may depend too heavily on nostalgia for some. In our discussions of the recent cons we’ve attended, we discuss what makes a con work and what stands out as a failure. Regina and Isabela talk about their first experience at Rose City Comic Con (they plan to go next year)Read More →

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A Gigawatt Jukebox Themed Work Day Playlist Today’s geeks work hard and play hard.  Some are studying, eyes crossed from hours of endless reading. Some are earning a wage in the office after a long commute. Others are at home, exhausted from running a household. Whatever you’ve been slaving away at lately, you deserve an extra day off. Enjoy your Labor Day Holiday.  When you get back, we’ve got a fresh playlist to make your work days go smoothly. Gone are the days of Muzak and easy listening. Time to relax and focus on your tasks at hand with some chill, movie soundtrack, and retro tunes.Read More →

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Relive our experience at the 2016 Emerald City Comicon! Check out the Storify compilation below. [View the story “The Geek Embassy at #ECCC 2016! ” on Storify] Isabela OliveiraIsabela Oliveira is a renaissance geek, in the sense that she knows a little about a whole lot of things. She is always looking for the next great TV show to marathon and for the next exciting thing to learn and write about. In her spare time, she writes and manages social media for The Geek Embassy and works to dismantle the patriarchy in Vancouver, Washington. https://isabelajoliveira.contently.com/Read More →

This week we have the pleasure of chatting with Alison Carrier, a bona fide Renaissance Woman and female geek hero. Alison works for EA at the Red Crow Austin studio as a UI/UX designer. Hear some stories about working in the game industry, cosplaying Wonder Woman, and all about her fantastically geeky hobbies. We WRaP up the show with what we’re Watching, Reading, and Playing. I won’t talk about a certain mobile game that has me super frustrated. I’m saving that for a later post. LINKS Alison Carrier The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iTunes, Android, Kindle) Monopoly Hotels Electronic Arts – Austin UI/UX Design MTAC, MiddleRead More →