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Episode 89 – High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech, Ho Ho Ho!

Well it is that time of year again! The Holidaze is upon us! This week writer Mark joins us for the show and we talk about a host of different items for gift giving this year. (Even if those gifts are to yourself!) Regina's Recommendations High-Tech Wii U FitBit Wireless Activity Tracker in Midnight Blue… Continue reading Episode 89 – High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech, Ho Ho Ho!

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Episode 88 – The Doubleclicks!

Nothing To Prove - A must see Hold on to your keyboards and your controllers, dear geeky gaming listeners! This week we have Angela and Aubrey Webber, AKA The Doubleclicks, on the show! If you don't know their music you are seriously missing out because it is sweet, snarky, and elegantly geeky. You can listen on… Continue reading Episode 88 – The Doubleclicks!

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Episode 80 – Public Shaming

Some interesting discussions popped up around the selection of this year's Miss America. Social networks were ablaze with this story from BuzzFeed which chronicled many racist Tweets about the crowing of Nina Davuluri, the first Indian-American to win the title. From there, Ben Kuchera at Penny Arcade and Alyssa Rosenberg from Think Progress posted responses to the idea that public shaming might be used as… Continue reading Episode 80 – Public Shaming

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PAX Prime and Dragon*Con 2013!

Hello Everyone! Con time is upon us! This weekend, Rhonda and I are covering cons on both U.S. coasts. Rhonda will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA and I'll be at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. It's pretty exciting times for us both and I wanted to make sure to get you all the details… Continue reading PAX Prime and Dragon*Con 2013!


The News at Game on Girl

Greetings, Gamers! Happy Friday! This is just a quick post to let you know about a few collaborations we've done here at Game on Girl and a change in our podcast posting schedule. First of all, I played some pretty lagtastic Orcs Must Die 2 with the fabulous Nananea! We planned on getting some gaming… Continue reading The News at Game on Girl

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It’s a Good Time to be a Geek

Yesterday, I gave this to my Valentine: There's been a lot of buzz lately around the internets about how geek women need to prove themselves, spawned by the idea that there are a large number of women faking their interest in geek culture now that it has gained a larger, more mainstream sense of acceptance.… Continue reading It’s a Good Time to be a Geek