I remember a story my master’s degree mentor told me. She said her family had been outraged because she read a T.S. Eliot poem at her daughter’s graduation. In case you’re unaware, Eliot was often criticized for being antisemitic. I remember the look of awe on her face when she told me, “The poem was about a cat.” We were discussing Eliot because I was writing my master’s thesis about him and William Faulkner, two of my all time favorite writers and I had been reading the critiques detailing Eliot’s insensitivity towards Jews. I asked how to deal with these critiques when I loved so muchRead More →

Hello Everyone! Con time is upon us! This weekend, Rhonda and I are covering cons on both U.S. coasts. Rhonda will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA and I’ll be at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. It’s pretty exciting times for us both and I wanted to make sure to get you all the details of our presentations so you can come say hi! Rhonda’s Dragon*Con Schedule Title: What’s Your Gamer Type? Description: Are you a goal driven gamer that collects achievements? Make up back stories for your game characters? A panel with audience participation! Time: Fri 11:30 am Location: Grand Salon C Title: GamerRead More →

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This week we talk about an awesome internet meme that’s really taken off in the last few months: gender flipping. We’re sure you’ve seen the pictures of our favorite male superheroes posed like female superheroes. Listen for our discussion of visual and textual gender flipping. Let us know what you think about this meme in the comments. What’s your favorite example? Links we discuss: Junkee.com: Is Gender Flipping the Most Important Meme Ever? Fly Girl Gamers: Game on, Ladies Jezebel.com: If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman FullyM: What Does Pin-Up Photography Look Like With Male Models The Hawkeye Initiative Disclaimer: We had some technical difficulties with the audioRead More →

Well it’s that time of year. E3 happened last week. We recorded this episode shortly after some pretty controversial events happened at the Microsoft press conference. Listen to hear us discuss the power of language and how we should all be kinder to each other. Click here to see a transcript and a video of the Microsoft conference. Click here to see the Tweet backlash Anita Sarkeesian suffered. Click here for a discussion about the cat-call and  what sloppy banter says about overall game culture. We would love to hear your thoughts about E3 and these events. Leave us a comment here. Until next time, game on! ReginaRead More →

  At PAX East, the zombies are fresh and ripe. Check out our new episode to hear all about our PAX East adventures. We talked to some great people and went to some fabulous panels. If you were at PAX East, we’d love to hear about your experiences and if you weren’t, what are you sad you missed? Leave your comments here. People we met and makers of the games we’re looking forward to: The Married Gamers, Chris and Kel. The Black Glove, Aaron from ManDateMondays  Megan Marie from Crystal Dynamics Tom Eastman from Trinket Studios Angela Puccini from Hackcessibility James Portnow from Extra CreditsRead More →

Greetings, Gamers! Happy Friday! This is just a quick post to let you know about a few collaborations we’ve done here at Game on Girl and a change in our podcast posting schedule. First of all, I played some pretty lagtastic Orcs Must Die 2 with the fabulous Nananea! We planned on getting some gaming time together during her interview and it was great. It would have been even better if the Steam server wasn’t insisting on at least one of us being a pacifist, non-violent Orc lover. Not sure what that means? Guess you’ll have to watch the video and subcribe to her channel.Read More →

Yesterday, I gave this to my Valentine: There’s been a lot of buzz lately around the internets about how geek women need to prove themselves, spawned by the idea that there are a large number of women faking their interest in geek culture now that it has gained a larger, more mainstream sense of acceptance. We discussed this on a podcast I recently appeared on (the episode isn’t up yet) but for the most part I’ve avoided this debate because, honestly, I think it’s completely bogus. But yesterday, after I surprised my Valentine with this Star Wars themed heart and I thought about the StarRead More →

What do an episode of Supernatural, Last Man Standing, and a female EA exec have in common? Listen to this episode to find out! This week marks the one anniversary of the Game on Girl podcast. A huge shout out to all our listeners for their support through our first year. We’re looking forward to what year two has to offer and hope you are, too. 🙂 Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda Regina McMenomyRegina is a gamer, writer, teacher, and podcaster living in the Pacific Northwest. She completed her Ph.D. in 2011 from Washington State University in Vancouver and continues to teach there part time. Regina’s research interestsRead More →

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Gamers, you may want to show your support for your chosen pastime by watching the Grammys this Sunday.  Why?  Because for the first time in history, the composer for a video game has been nominated for a major Grammy (officially, Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media).  Which game?  PS3’s interactive parable, Journey.  The composer?  Austin Wintory, a 28 year old Denver native who is now up against such musical luminaries as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Talk about unlocking an epic achievement!  The music in video games has been eligible for the Grammys since 2000, yet other than a nomination for the instrumental arrangement ofRead More →

Hello Everyone, We have some exciting plans for Game on Girl in the very near future. Starting next week, we will have five new writers for the site. Hooray! <Kermit flail> As many of you know, Game on Girl started as the website to support my dissertation research and this year I launched the podcast to continue interviews and the conversations that started here. Now I want to take that vision a step further and bring in even more perspectives on gaming and game culture. Although each of the new writers will be introducing themselves in greater detail next week, I thought I would shareRead More →