Bye Zynga Farmville

If you are on Facebook, you know Zynga.  Even if you never heard of them, you’ve probably felt their affect.  FarmVille, FarmVille2, YoVille, Words With Friends, Indiana Jones Adventure World, CastleVille, CityVille, ChefVille, The Ville, Slingo, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Hidden Chronicles, Bubble Safari…. all are current or past games that either you or at least some of your friends have played or are playing. Founded by Mark Pincus in April 2007 (named after his beloved bulldog, hence the company’s logo), Zynga launched its first game in July 2007:  Texas Hold’Em Poker (now Zynga Poker).  Within 2 years the company was the #1 app developerRead More →

Blackwood and Bell Mysteries facebook game

Ok, so I didn’t leave it completely.  I still play Words with Friends with one person (only one, mind you; ok, occasionally with two, but only those two!) and an “action adventure” game called Castle Age, mainly because I’ve belonged to a few really strong guilds there and have met many wonderful people with whom I do not want to lose touch.  (I have one other game loaded because a friend of mine works on it, but honestly, I haven’t played it in ages and occasionally try others, but tend to leave them after a day or two.) But all the other games:  FarmVille,  VampireRead More →

farmville graphic

So, you indulge in a few rounds of Words With Friends.  Or you may not admit it openly, but you have been known to play a little FarmVille (honestly, can you really play “a little” Farmville?).  At the very least you’ve been frustrated by being inundated with requests to join Facebook friends in their newest game, or to send them the latest items that they need to  create meals in their virtual restaurant, or clicks that will help summon armies to defeat some thunderous monster attacking their virtual realm.  Or perhaps you play Angry Birds on your smart phone or Plants Vs Zombies on yourRead More →

journey game screenshot music

Gamers, you may want to show your support for your chosen pastime by watching the Grammys this Sunday.  Why?  Because for the first time in history, the composer for a video game has been nominated for a major Grammy (officially, Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media).  Which game?  PS3’s interactive parable, Journey.  The composer?  Austin Wintory, a 28 year old Denver native who is now up against such musical luminaries as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer and John Williams. Talk about unlocking an epic achievement!  The music in video games has been eligible for the Grammys since 2000, yet other than a nomination for the instrumental arrangement ofRead More →

Wow Guild graphic

Now, that is the question – for MMO players, at least!   Well, for some of us.  For many MMO players (and I would hazard to say, for most), a guild is pretty darned important – for raiding, fighting bosses, clearing high level instances…  Sure, there are PUGs (Pick Up Groups:  random players, often from a queue, who form a group solely because they are in the same place at the same time), but those often are uneven and unreliable.  At lower levels, guilds help a player level up their character, and assist with resources and knowledge.  At higher levels, guilds are invaluable in endRead More →

world of warcraft character

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your 2013 is already off to a wonderful start!  I’m going to kick off the New Year with a question regarding gaming that I’ve struggled with for years.  Ok, so this isn’t the most pressing of inquiries when it comes to gaming, but it’s one that really bugs me:  am I the only one who has a really, really hard time leaving a game? Maybe it’s just for MMOs, since they involve subscriptions in order to play the game.  I mean, if you play games like Halo or Portal or Mass Effect, once you’ve bought it you can continueRead More →

sharon introduction avatar

Hi, my name is Sharon, and I’m a Gamer.  It started so innocently… I guess you could say that TCGs were my Gateway drug, and they weren’t even my cards (they were my son’s).  After the Pokemon cards and the Magic cards came the Lord of the Rings cards, which led us to looking for other games based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth.  And lo and behold, there was a game in development that fit the bill:  Middle-Earth Online. That’s when I really went under.  For three years, I was community manager for MeoSource, a fansite supporting the development of Turbine’s Middle-Earth Online, later to becomeRead More →