Bye Zynga Farmville
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Zynga: A View from Outside (with a Definite Sound of Ax Grinding)

If you are on Facebook, you know Zynga.  Even if you never heard of them, you've probably felt their affect.  FarmVille, FarmVille2, YoVille, Words With Friends, Indiana Jones Adventure World, CastleVille, CityVille, ChefVille, The Ville, Slingo, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Hidden Chronicles, Bubble Safari.... all are current or past games that either you or at… Continue reading Zynga: A View from Outside (with a Definite Sound of Ax Grinding)

Blackwood and Bell Mysteries facebook game
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Why I Left Facebook Gaming

Ok, so I didn’t leave it completely.  I still play Words with Friends with one person (only one, mind you; ok, occasionally with two, but only those two!) and an “action adventure” game called Castle Age, mainly because I’ve belonged to a few really strong guilds there and have met many wonderful people with whom… Continue reading Why I Left Facebook Gaming

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Are Social Media Game Players Really Gamers?

So, you indulge in a few rounds of Words With Friends.  Or you may not admit it openly, but you have been known to play a little FarmVille (honestly, can you really play “a little” Farmville?).  At the very least you’ve been frustrated by being inundated with requests to join Facebook friends in their newest… Continue reading Are Social Media Game Players Really Gamers?

journey game screenshot music
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The Music of Gaming

Gamers, you may want to show your support for your chosen pastime by watching the Grammys this Sunday.  Why?  Because for the first time in history, the composer for a video game has been nominated for a major Grammy (officially, Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media).  Which game?  PS3’s interactive parable, Journey.  The composer?  Austin Wintory, a… Continue reading The Music of Gaming

world of warcraft character
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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your 2013 is already off to a wonderful start!  I'm going to kick off the New Year with a question regarding gaming that I've struggled with for years.  Ok, so this isn’t the most pressing of inquiries when it comes to gaming, but it’s one that really bugs me: … Continue reading Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow