2016-2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends


2016-2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

The fashion words for this season are LUSH and ECLECTIC–from layers of fur, silk, and velvet, to bigger than life accents, it’s a good bet many of the items already in your closet will work with this season’s bright and bold diverse style.

1945-washington-quarter Trends from the fashion industry can feel very specific and expensive but there are ways of incorporating what you already own and simply adding a couple of signature items. Look for the quarter for suggestions on making tends affordable.



Almost everything about this season’s fall/winter trend is about texture. They are bold, over-sized, and, in a single ensemble, juxtaposed to contrasting textures. Silk is paired with over-sized cable knit, leather with tapestry, and pleats with flannel. The possibilities are endless.

Animal prints are still in and fur, whether faux or real, is part of almost every outfit.

1945-washington-quarter Denim is a great texture for this season. Contrast jeans with a silk blouse and a tapestry jacket or a denim jacket with tapestry capri pants and suede booties.


The new patterns for this season are brocade and tapestry. This goes hand-in-hand with the huge emphasis on textures since tapestries have prominent stitch work in satins, silks, and cashmere against coarser fabric. (This trend segues into spring where you’ll see a lot of applique.)

The large floral and ornate patterns in tapestry, whether full-color or monochromatic, are a great contrast to leather, silk, denim, and fur.

1945-washington-quarterTapestry and brocade fabrics are expensive even before they’re made into a long winter coat or knee-high boots. Instead of the real thing, buy garments in jewel toned colors with a brocade print.



This year, Pantone’s fall color palette is a great guide for the lush fall/winter wardrobe. From the Bodacious violet, Spicy Mustard, and Sharkskin, to the rich Potter’s Clay and Warm Taupe, all styles types (romantic, classic, or modern) can work with it.



Buttons, buckles, zippers, snaps, and embellishments are all over-sized. When the notions on the actual garments are so prominent, you don’t need a lot of jewelry to accessorize.

If you want your wardrobe to have a longer life, spend your money on an over embellished scarf, handbag, belt, or coat that will serve as a signature piece for your entire fall/winter.

1945-washington-quarter There are a lot of ways you can embellish last year’s winter coat or jean jacket with large buttons, jewels, appliques, or fur trim. If you hand stitch these on they’ll be easy to remove next year or change up for different occasions.


Boots are bigger than ever so any you’ve purchased in the past two to three years are still in!

If you can add a pair of boots this season, try a pair of ankle booties, especially suede. Suede is huge (and my personal favorite).

Buy boots for a specific pair of pants or skirt. The knee high boots I have do not work under my ‘boot leg’ jeans–neither do my scrunch top booties. When you go shopping, wear the pants you want to pair with. If you can only afford one pair of boots, get them for the pants or skirts you’ll wear the most through the season.

1945-washington-quarter The best way to save money here is to limit the cut of your pants and skirts to one style so that one pair of boots will go with everything. Also, invest in weather-protecting spray for suede boots to give them a longer life.


Handbags are heavily embellished, small squares or large, solid colored leather satchels or a contrasting mix of textures. (Fashionisers 2015-2016 Handbags)

Sporty, round sunglasses are replacing the giant squares of the past. Some of these can be very artistic which is a foreshadowing of what’s coming in spring. Keep that in mind.

Coordinating any specialized accessory like showy sunglasses is a step beyond Styling 101 so be very thoughtful and strategic in pairing these with the right outfit and occasion.

Socks for ankle boots are a fashion engineering oversight. There are innumerable pictures of women in skinny jeans, rolled up, wearing booties sans socks. This is completely unrealistic.

Some solutions are:

  • very good athletic socks that keep your leg bare but your feet warm and comfortable
  • tights or colorful knee hi socks to create a surprise of color between the pant hem and top of the boot
  • ankle socks that peek just above to the top of the boot but still keeps some leg bare


Large, elaborate, and/or jeweled collar necklaces are still in so any investments you’ve made in the past year can remain in the lineup. Since notions are all over-sized this season, you want to be careful not to over accessorize.


Military style coats and silky, embroidered bomber jackets are some fun, versatile coats for the season!

Puffy coats are coming, embrace it or ignore it, but they’re coming. They were everywhere in Italy 3 years ago and have been slowly making their way here. Despite the ‘fashionable’ puffy coats on the runways, they still look like the Michelin Man to me.

To Save Money, Do Some Leg Work

Do an image search for 2016 2017 Fall Winter fashion trends. Instead of looking at the outfits as a whole, check out the individual items used to make it up. You might be surprised how many of those you have.

I’ll Give You a Fashion Topic

What’s your favorite fashion trend for this fall/winter?
Are you anti-trend? If so, what’s your style?

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.


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  2. Author

    Absolutely! From a global perspective, there’s nothing better than this sure fire list of go-to fashions. These are absolute winners. Fashion is for everyone.

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