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All right, Geeks. Let’s do this! I only have a little over two weeks to make my book, Mothering: The Game, a reality. Time is running out on my campaign and I need your help to make this project a reality. As of this very moment, I have 200 books ordered. I need another 50 to make it to my publishing goal and to make my lifelong dream of holding a book with my name on it come true.

You can check out my last update on The Geek Embassy about the project. There are several podcasts that interviewed me about the book and the crowdfunding platform, Inkshares. I read excepts and share some of the background of the story and the concept. Writing this book has been an amazing experience for me since it is the first time since I finished my dissertation that I have really wanted to write anything at all. I think my writing batteries were seriously recharging and saving up lots of energy for this book. It’s refreshing to want to write again and to know that 200 books have already been pre-ordered.

So hop on over to the campaign page and order a copy… or two or three! Tell your friends and spread the word!

Back of Book Copy

Join Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. as she reflects upon her experience leveling up as a first time mom. A lifelong gamer, Regina explores what it it means to be a parent through quests, achievements, and skill trees, adeptly drawing parallels between being a mom and being a gamer. This memoir tackles the good (giggles), the bad (teething), and the ugly (blow out diapers), all through the lens of a gamer. Sometimes humorous, always touching, this memoir is a must have for new and experienced mothers, gamers, or any combination thereof.

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