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Game on Girl Goes Live! Google Hangout Sunday, 5-17 2pm Pacific

Hey, you! Yes, you!

Grab your Google account and hang on to your game controlers! Or keyboards if you PC game. This Sunday, we are hosting a live Google Hangout. Rhonda, Mark, Jerry, and I are going to get together to talk about the latest and greatest the geeky internet and media has to offer. There should be discussion about some hot movies and TV shows, season finales and such.

We are hoping this can be a monthly occurance where the writers for the site and myself get together to talk about the latest news. We will have a revolving set of guests and maybe some visitors as well.

We would love to have you hang with us and give feedback live as we chat. We will incorporate as many of your comments as possible.

So check back here or check our @game_on_girl Twitter account for the link when we go live.

Looking forward to hanging out!

Game on!

Regina, AKA DocLizz

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