What Hercules’ Butt and Lindy West Taught Me Today

What Hercules’ Butt and Lindy West Taught Me Today

This morning I came across a Lindy West article on Jezebel, “Every Butt in Every Hercules Movie, Ranked.” First off, I didn’t know about Lindy West prior to this. Maybe I’m an idiot but, the internet is big.

After reading through the list and laughing, especially at the “bonus butts,” and reminiscing, I stopped myself and thought, “Wait. If this were written by a man about women’s butts, there would be outrage,” even if it is intended to be humorous.

I was going to call Lindy West out for applying a double standard. Sometimes women rage and rant against objectification of women and then, in turn, feel entitled to objectify men. This does nothing to bring awareness and change and, frankly, makes you a hypocrite or someone who likes to scream, “Wolf!” without having discernable convictions.

Writing pieces analyzing my feelings and motives is not my style. I don’t believe anyone wants to read my touchy-feely dribble. Logic and research are my weapons. Context is my mantra. Given that, I decided to research Lindy West and, after doing so, completely changed my mind on calling her out.

You’ll notice my first reaction to her article was to laugh. It was funny. That’s because she’s a comedian, a humorist, with a slice-of-life perspective. Go to her site and read her bio, or watch her videos.

Lindy West is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and performer whose work focuses on pop culture, social justice, humor, and body image.

This brought me around to another peeve I have with the easily-offended crowd. They lose their sense of humor. You can’t even laugh at yourself, the silliness of your sex, or human foibles anymore. And if we really aspire for men to be respectful of women and vice versa, then men should be able to see the humor in women the same way Lindy did in this article about Hercules’ butts. It’s Hercules, people. That’s funny.

Thank you, Lindy, for schooling me today.

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