Rhonda’s Geek Romantic Moments

Rhonda’s Geek Romantic Moments

Here are clips from the romantic moments I talked about on episode 101: Moments in Geek Romance.

5. Wikus Van De Merwe & Tania Van De Merwe – District 9

For better or worse. Much, much, much worse.


4. Wall-E and Eve – Wall-E

The power of love.


3. Leeloo and Corbin Dallas – The Fifth Element

Taking a second chance on life and love.


2. Neo and Trinity – The Matrix

Faith even when the building is literally crumbling around you.


1. David and Audrey Dunn – Unbreakable

Finding who you are can lead you back to each other.

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.

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