Dragon*Con Notes

Dragon*Con Notes

There’s so much that goes on at a Con. Below is a list I’ve compiled (so far) with as many resources as I can remember. If you met someone at one of the cons who we should know or follow, please leave it in the comments.


I bought my Lego Alien from Bricks & Boards, New Orleans

We also bought an original sketch from Neal Adams.


“Geek Girl Chronicles” series, Mad Norwegian Press

“Murder as a Fine Art” by David Morrell

Dresdan Files” by Jim Butcher

Codex Alera”, Jim Butcher

Cinder Spires” by Jim Butcher


“Pitch Jumper”, Kevin Rucks, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) in Orlando, Florida

We discussed the adventure game, “Gone Home” by The Fullbright Company.

“Plants vs Zombies 2”, Popcap


Veronica Belmont, Tekzilla, Sword & Laser, Fact or Fictional

Jodi Black, Marketing Manager & Editor

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Beautiful Brains, Books, and Games

Brian Brushwood, podcaster

Jim Butcher, “Dresdan Files”, “Codex Alera”, “Cinder Spires

Brian Dunaway

David Gaider, writer, Bioware

Ladies of Leet

Michelle Menard, Designer, Writer, Consultant, Artemic Games

Tom Merritt, Tech News Today, Sword & Laser, FSL Tonight, Frame Rate, Autopilot, etc.

Len Peralta, artist

Steve Riekeberg, Geek Cred

Randal L. Schwartz, FLOSS Weekly

Jonathan Bradley Strickland, HowStuffWorks.com


“Grimm”, NBC, October 25, Friday, 9:00 pm EST

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.

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