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Episode 27 – Get Your Con On! DragonCon and PAX Prime 2012

This week, Rhonda and I talk about two cons we attended on opposite sides of the country on the same weekend. Rhonda reports on her three favorite panels from DragonCon (one with a very special last minute guest appearance!) and I talk about my top three games I played at PAX Prime.

Listen in for all the details and look for our galleries coming soon!

Some links from the show:

RaiderZ from Perfect World

Dark Horse Comics

Fairway Solitaire from Big Fish Games

FireFall from Red 5 Studios*

James Silva and SKA Studios (the guy who Made a Game with Zombies)

A brief note about the episode number. We started getting confused having separate numbers for the shorts and we figured you might be confused, too. So we added them together and started from there. Welcome to episode 27.

Game on!

Regina and Rhonda

* As I was playing the beta for FireFall last night (Saturday, 9/8/12), the CEO from Red 5 Studios jumped online and started chatting with everyone in general chat. Apparently, this is something that happens on a regular basis since he was greeted with a chorus of “Hi! How are you?” from many of the regulars. He made comments on server issues and upcoming patches but mostly enjoyed some banter with everyone online. I was in awe and seriously impressed by his engagement in the community. Kudos to Red 5.

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