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The October issue of WIRED magazine featured “Living By the Numbers: The Wired Guide to Health” listing 18 “data-driven ways to be happier, healthier, and ever a little smarter.” Coming in at number 13—First Person Shooters. According to research done at the University of Rochester, FPS games can make you quicker and keep you focused and does it in a relatively short amount of time. “Nongamers who play just one hour a day for several weeks get benefits in faster reaction time and focus…” Game on. *WIRED magazine will live broadcast October 15-16 their first ever health conference, “Living By Numbers”.Read More →

Hello Everyone! This week we continue our gaming basics series and take on one of our favorite genres, Tower Defense games. We’ll walk you through all the basics of this play style by discussing some of our favorite games. Included in the discussion: Tiny Heroes, Plants vs Zombies, Orcs Must Die (1&2) and Dragon’s Rage 2. We’d love to hear about your favorite tower defense games and your favorite strategies! Leave a comment here! Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda Tiny Heroes Plants vs Zombies (Featured Image) Orcs Must Die 2 Dragon’s Rage 2Read More →

This week we present to you another fabulous gaming family. We talk with Jodi Black from Beautiful Brains Books and Games and her two daughters, Bethany and Trinity. Listen to hear the girls talk about DMing their first games (at nine, yes 9! years old!) and Jodi talk about the important role gaming plays in their family life. Make sure to check out MACE Con (November 2-4 in Charlotte, NC) where Jodi and the girls will be leading an entire track dedicated to gaming kids. In pop culture news, we talk about a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Re-entry Minimization.” Our community discussion focuses on your responsesRead More →

This week we return to one of our favorite themes: gamification. We talk to Britain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech, Chris Ritter. He shares his approach to teaching technical communications using a service learning project geared toward his local community. Listen for some great insights on how gaming and learning interact, along with details of another game studies dissertation. We also share some feedback on our gaming family episode from listener, Jayme, and talk about some of our favorite games growing up, including board and card games. Make sure to comment here or follow us on Twitter. You can even like our page on Facebook. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can streamRead More →

My fellow gamers, It is that time of year again. There is a new season of our favorite webseries: The Guild. In honor of the show, Rhonda and I discuss the past seasons, the development of some of our favorite characters, and how gaming communities evolve. We also share your ideas and strategies about how you create and maintain your own gaming groups. As we say in the episode, if you haven’t already subscribed to Geek and Sundry on YouTube… what are you waiting for? “Like” all your favorite videos so we can keep enjoying this great content! A quick shout out for VitaminAmy and her Extra Life marathon on October 20.Read More →

Ok ok. Not *that* kind of busy. 🙂 Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for me. So here is a round-up of things I did with some awesome people around the internet. First, I live streamed some Left 4 Dead 2 with Grethade from Newbcast Gaming. You can check that out on his YouTube channel here but the best part, for me at least, was using the graffti art setting in L4D2 to spray paint GiGi all over the place. Here is a screen shot of that: We had a long run – the map took us almost two hours to finish –Read More →

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I’ve charged my way over here because I was unable to leave a comment on a USA TODAY news article without having a Facebook account. I don’t know the point in that and, since it makes me furious, I’m going to quicky move away from a rant about trying to understand it. Anyway. October 1, 2012, USA Today, “Women display growing clout in mobile video games”, Mike Snider Here are the comments I couldn’t leave on your article, Mr. Snider: “And women gravitate to games that were designed for the (mobile) platform because they are much more intuitive to them.” – Travis Boatman, senior vpRead More →