TGE Ep 15 – Capes & Baskets LIVE at Wizard World Portland 2017

capes baskets

TGE Ep 15 – Capes & Baskets LIVE at Wizard World Portland 2017

Capes & Baskets: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us about Superheroes

Were you unable to attend Geek Girl Con or Wizard World in Portland, Oregon? Have you always wanted to see The Geek Embassy’s ambassadors in action?

Well, now is your chance! For our recent presentation in Portland, I was able to record our panel on my phone on a mini tripod recommended by a photographer friend of the show, Andrew. The sound isn’t great but I think you can hear each of us well enough. Isabela is the faintest since she is farthest from the mic.

I truly adore this presentation. It represents the best of The Geek Embassy: a bunch of geeks merging their interests into a completely new idea. The genesis of this presentation came from me and Jen having cocktails one spring afternoon. All of sudden I had out a notepad and we were sketching through the ideas that ended up becoming the basis for this presentation.

To Discuss: Capes & Baskets

What fairy tales do you love? What superhero stories could you relate to that fairy tale? Can you make the connection? Want to challenge us to?

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