Should They Have Been Cancelled?

Should They Have Been Cancelled?

It’s that time, when the networks vote their royal thumbs up or thumbs down on their portfolio of shows. Here’s my take on the fallout. *Indicates a 1 season series.

Cancelled, But Should They Have?

Yes, They Should Have

*Grandfathered, FOX
Contrary to the series trailers, John Stamos as a playboy turned grandfather, ended up having some heart and sweetness but not enough laughs. The cast knows how to do funny but the stories were too jumbled.


Castle, ABC
The cast of Castle was great to their fans but, the show can’t live on dynamic actors and social media alone. It’s time for the cast, especially Fillion, to move on to something new. They’ll be snatched up by producers in a first round draft.

The Odd Couple reboot (CBS) was due and should have been a success but it’s failure is due to how Matthew Perry portrayed Oscar Madison. It seemed as if he was mocking the entire show. Perry and Kudrow are the most talented of the original Friends crew, IMHO (although LeBlanc killed it in Episodes), so I’m not sure what Perry was attempting with his portrayal of Oscar.

*Rush Hour, CBS
The Rush Hour movies are a lot of fun. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make a funny, odd, action duo. In CBS’s adaptation, Justin Hires is a good choice for the energetic and unconventional L.A. officer, James Carter, but Jon Foo completely misses as the loyal, disciplined Chinese policeman, Jonathan Lee. The heart and mischievousness of Chan is essential to making this juxtaposition work but Foo’s Lee has no endearment whatsoever.

No, They Shouldn’t Have

*The Grinder (FOX) is an overlooked geek comedy. A juxtaposition of a melodramatic actor (Rob Lowe) from a seriously melodramatic crime drama, The Grinder, moves to the real world of suburbia with his real-life lawyer brother. Winks and nods are made of dramatic gimmicks and many of the suburbanites are more than happy to join Lowe’s tinsel town crazy train.

"Galavant," ABC, King Richard with Tad Cooper

Galavant, ABC
You know a show is on the way out when it actually writes about getting renewed into their storyline. Galavant is a musical fantasy spoof with a star-studded cast and witty writing. I was surprised when they got a second season so I guess I’m just happy they finished their story arc. Too bad they ended it before we got to see the dragon, Tad Cooper.

And now we’re almost done,
Our tale completely spun,
As buffed and polished as a royal jewel.
There’s not much left to tell,
And, hey, that’s just as well,
Unless we get one more surprise renewal.
Now, we’ll probably have to go,
And get work on some cheap ass cable network.
But, the door is not quite shut,
So if we make the cut,
Here’s what you’ll see on Galavant.

Galavant, S2 E10

"Telenovela," with Eva Longoria

*Telenovela, NBC
I cannot believe this show got cancelled. It was hilarious! Eva Longoria is one of my favorite female comedians and she’s supported by an equally talented cast and show writers. Longoria reminds me of the glamour and screwball antics of Lucille Ball. What is NBC thinking? Binge watch this for the summer.


Marvel’s Agent Carter, ABC
There’ve been issues with this series but I’m not sure what made the show so lukewarm for me. Espionage, politics, and period dramas are among my least favorite genres so I can’t judge Carter. For those who really liked it, what do you think went wrong?

*The Muppets Show (ABC) failed because they didn’t fully commit to being strictly an adult show. Mothers were upset because it wasn’t family-friendly. But, this go round, it was supposed to be a grown-up Muppets for the grown-up kids who watched them in the 70s.

Surprise Renewals


*Superstore, NBC
A diverse cast plays the awkward, misfit employees of a big box super store. America Ferrera’s character, Amy, is unlikeable in the beginning but each character grows into a great season finale.

Gotham, FOX
The exploration of the characters in the Batman cannon between the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents and the rise of the Batman has been a fun ride for me but I know diehard fans haven’t been able to stick it out. Or maybe I just love the art direction.


Fresh Off the Boat, ABC

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC
Good story telling and character development. The show is solid.

Last Man Standing, ABC
A modern day All In The Family?

Mom, CBS
So happy for this dominantly female cast.

New Girl, FOX
One of the funniest scenes this season is when Schmidt (Max Greenfield) finds out Jess (Zooey Deschanel) made out with his dad (Peter Gallagher; Season 5, episode 12, “D-Day”). There’s a reason you’re seeing Greenfield everywhere. Next-gen, Seinfeld-style comedy writing.

Last Man on Earth, FOX
I didn’t think this would last but they continue to surprise.

Did one of your favs get axed? Are you wondering why a certain show is still around? Why do you think some mediocre shows get a second life when seemingly great shows get axed?

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.

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