Greetings, Geeks!

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Greetings, Geeks!

I would like to introduce the inaugural ambassadors for The Geek Embassy and talk in a little more detail about how we are expanding the scope of the site.  As I mentioned in the welcome video, The Geek Embassy is taking much of the work we were already doing at Game on Girl and putting it under a larger, more geek-filled umbrella. Although much of the work so far for the site has been organizational, we are slowly but surely creating plans for new articles and media content talking about all manner of topics.


crop-regina-3-16As the founder of The Geek Embassy, I am most excited about being an ambassador for the Story Consulate. Writing, reading, and analyzing texts has been a strength and focus of much of my work whether those texts were written, video, or human people. My first posts for The Geek Embassy will be focused on how traditional mythology tropes are at work in modern media. In a sense, writing for the Story Consulate will be a return to my roots as a student of literature and it feels like a true homecoming for me.


rho-thumbRhonda Olglesby really boosted her writing chops in the last year at Game on Girl. Anyone who followed the site watched her ability and interests grow as a writer and a comic book aficionado. Rhonda is excited to continue writing about comic books for the Story Consulate and all forms of geeky media in the Pop Culture Consulate. She plans to keep up with monthly pop culture reviews like the one she did for January this year.


mark-thumbMark Scholl spent much of his time at Game on Girl reviewing the games he was playing and sharing suggestions for better ways to enjoy your gaming experience. Mark is also excited to start some writing for the Story and Play Consulates as he shares his experience and expertise with tabletop and role playing games. Mark is a musician and will also be contributing to the Lifestyle Consulate sharing some of his geeky passion about music.


izzy-thumbIsabela Oliveira discussed diversity and games on Game on Girl. She is excited about expanding into writing reviews for the Popular Culture Consulate and continuing to explore the effects of representation in media for the Lifestyle Consulate.

Also keep an eye out for some really exciting content next week as Isabela and I travel to Seattle, WA for Emerald City Comic Con. We will be at a table with The Mean Geek and Wombmates podcasts but you will likely find us roaming around the con interviewing artists and attendees.

Regina is the founder and lead ambassador of The Geek Embassy. Studying and writing about geeks and geek culture is Regina’s favorite thing to do when she’s not reading student papers, dancing an excessive amount of calories away, or chasing after her daughter. Inclined towards mobile and social gaming online, Regina also loves a good round of 7 Wonders, Qwirkle, Small World, or Lords of Waterdeep. Someday, she hopes to actually take part in a D&D campaign so she can officially “roll” a character and role play her as a devious, highly intelligent mischief maker, which would be nothing like she is in real life.

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