BOTM: “Lumberjanes,” volume 1

BOTM: “Lumberjanes,” volume 1

Lumberjanes,” BOOM! Box, April 2015 (Wikipedia)
Writers: Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke Allen
Colorist: Maarta Laiho
Letterer: Aubrey Aiese

Lumberjanes is a colorful, energetic, young adult comic about the supernatural adventures of best friends at Lumberjane camp.

Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Girls Hardcore Lady-Types

If you ever went to camp and baked s’mores, built a fire, or took a nature hike, Lumberjanes will make you wonder where this camp was all your adolescent life. Campers Jo, April, Mal, Molly, Ripley, and Jenny get a lot more than curfews, marshmallows, and lessons on fauna.

Up All Night Badge (Learn what goes bump in the night)

Lumberjane camp is for adventure, which can be found day or night. Knowing your surroundings is the best way to embrace the wonder of the outdoors and read the night sky, which sometimes says, “Beware the kitten holy!”

Naval Gauging Badge (Because drowning is a scary way to go)

Being trained and fit for the outdoors and having a healthy respect for the wilderness will make more adventures possible and safer—especially if you come across a sea monster… in a river.

Everything Under the Sum Badge (Math leads to a basic understanding of life)

Lumberjanes are curious and great problem solvers. Kicking it in the woods doesn’t mean you don’t need your ABCs. Understanding the physics of leverage could mean the difference in escaping an ancient cavern or being crushed by a living Greek statue.

Robyn Hood Badge (A sharp eye shows sharp wit)

What do you need to fight off the possessed boy campers? A bow and arrow might come in handy. It’s a good thing Lumberjanes learn the engineering of making and using tools.

“Friendship to the Max!”

Lumberjane camp prepares hardcore lady-types for all kinds of outdoor adventures and the ladies face them with courage and wonder—and as friends. For all the badges the girls can earn and the adventures they can have, being a friend is the most important component in them all.

Already a fan of Lumberjanes? Then you might be excited to hear that 20th Century Fox is going to make a movie.

I’ll Give You a Topic

What’s the coolest thing you learned at camp?

What’s your favorite female-lead comic right now?

If faced by a pack of three-eyed wolves in the middle of the night, what would you do?

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