2015 Fall TV Season

2015 Fall TV Season

The end of television season is a sad time for me but with source material from the networks, cable channels, and streaming services, there’s almost always something to watch. And Netflix‘s break-out hits, “Daredevil” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” has upped the game.

ABC Fall Season


The Catch, thriller
With definite similarities to “House of Games,” ABC describes Alice Martin as a “strong, successful” fraud investigator who gets scammed. Meh.

Dr. Ken, comedy
Ken Jeong
plays Dr. Ken, in trouble at work and at home. The question is whether a sitcom can contain Jeong’s energy and use it—a similar problem I’m sure they had with Robin Williams.

The Family, thriller
This is an intricate story about an up-and-coming politician and the return of her son who’s been missing for ten years. The “is-he-really-our-son” is now a trope.

The Muppets, comedy
A reboot of “The Muppet Show” scared me. Variety shows haven’t been successful in twenty-first century television. But what better way to modernize “The Muppets” than to make it a reality show.

Floyd Pepper: “How about we film the series in that crazy, handheld, documentary style and have cut-aways to one-on-one interviews.”


Gonzo: “That is just a totally overused device to make easy jokes.”

Of Kings and Prophets, historical drama
An unexpected drama based on the historical Judaic characters of King Saul, the future King David, and Prophet Samuel. The drama looks beautiful but I’m not sure who their audience will be.

Oil, drama
ABC’s answer to Fox’s “Empire” or an attempt at a better version of the failed “Dallas” reboot? Set in North Dakota, why do the characters have southern accents?

Quantico, thriller
How to Get Away with Murder” + “The Hunger Games” + “The Fugitive” = overly dramatic political thriller

The O’Neals, comedy
A Catholic family comes clean of their many sins and hypocrisies.  Offensive.

Uncle Buck, comedy
Based on the film starring John Candy, the trailer was not kind to the writers. “Black-ish” is far superior.

Wicked City, thriller
A weird serial killer crime drama set in the 80s.

CBS Fall Season


Angel from Hell, comedy
An annoying stranger (Jane Lynch) turns out be a doctor’s (Maggie Lawson) guardian angel. Lawson’s character has so little agency it could ruin both characters.

Limitless, drama
A TV adaptation of the film, the Limitless abilities are offered to Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman). Jennifer Carpenter plays an FBI agent. Will they be able to distinguish her from Dexter’s Debra—besides cutting the foul language?

Also, IMDB, could you list Carpenter’s full character name and not just “Rebecca?” Like Dillion Matthews’ character which is “FBI Agent John Mathers.” WTF.

Code-BlackCode Black, drama
There’s a monologue in the trailer by Luis Guzmán that had me riveted. Then it looked like a typical medical drama. Then it didn’t. We’ll have to see if this ends up as an intern sleepover.

Supergirl, action
Everything I’ve seen about this looks fun and smart. There’s humor, coming-of-age, and the character is treated seriously.

Life in Pieces, dramedy
The trailer was pretty uncomfortable and, like the title, in pieces.

CW Fall Season


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, action
Arrow and Flash join up with other DC superheroes to fight evil. Wonder how long before they start kissing each other.

Crazy Ex-Girlfirend, comedy
Similiar to “All About Steve,” a socially awkward woman becomes overly infatuated with a guy. Great potential for human stories.

Containment, thriller
Portion of a city must be contained because of an unknown, deadly infection. No zombies.

FOX Fall Season


The Grinder, comedy
Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe) plays a lawyer on TV. His brother, Stewart (Fred Savage), is a real lawyer. Lowe and Savage as brothers–that’s what I call a pitch for a sitcom.

Grandfathered, comedy
John Stamos
plays a playboy grandfather. That’s what I call a bad pitch for a sitcom. Stamos is funny; write a decent show for him.

SCREAM QUEENS: Horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Dean Munsch in the new comedy horror anthology, SCREAM QUEENS, premiering Septemeber 2015 on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Steve Dietl/FOX

Scream Queens, horror/comedy
You had me at Jaime Lee Curtis.

Minority Report, crime drama/thriller
Based on the film but told from the perspective of the precognizants.

Rosewood, dramedy
A gender-flip version of “Bones.” At least they didn’t call it “Bones Dude.”

The Frankenstein Code, thriller
Frankenstein is a crime fighter. It was much more interesting when I thought Philip Baker Hall was going to be Frankenstein.

NBC Fall Season


Blindspot-NBCBlindspot, thriller
The most promising and original offering for the season. A woman (Jaimie Alexander), who does not exist in any legal system, shows up as a gift to the FBI. The only clues are in the tattoos covering her body.

The Player, thriller
Basically this is “Arrow” with its own Felicity Smoak and John Diggle! They also use the dead-girlfriend-revenge trope. Cancel.

Heartbreaker-NBCHeartbreaker, medical drama
Dr. Alex Panttiere, a cardio thoracic surgeon, is introduced with the worst female empowering line ever. Giving a tour to visiting male execs, one inappropriately asks her, “What does someone like you like to do in her spare time?” She responds, “I like long walks on the beach, hot bubble baths, and the sound of cracking a patient’s chest open like a lobster.”

And what’s with the hot, cover glam shot of Melissa George as Dr. Alex Panttiere?

Best Time Ever, comedy
A variety show with Neil Patrick Harris.  If Harris or “The Muppets” can’t do it, no one can.

People Are Talking, comedy
There’s been a whole string of sitcoms about awkward, immature adults that fall flat like this one.

I’ll Give You a Topic

Think of a better come back line for Dr. Alex Panttiere when she is lecherously asked, “What does someone like you like to do in her spare time?”


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