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The Fuse and Wikipedia

The Fuse 1
The Fuse, issue #1, Part 1 of “The Russia Shift,” February 2014

The first series of The Fuse, “The Russia Shift,” came out February of 2014. Written by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Justin Greenwood, in the simplest terms, it’s a crime drama in space. But with a multi-layered mythology and two complicated characters that do not conform to hero norms, it is so much more.

The Fuse is a five-mile-long satellite in orbit around earth – a floating city with a population of about a half million people. Spanning fifty levels, The Fuse is divided into two political districts: I-SEEC and Midway City.

Ralph Dietrich, a young man of color, is an accomplished detective from Munich who requested a post on the Fuse. His background is a mystery, especially why anyone would volunteer to leave earth and be posted on the Fuse in the Midway City Police Department (MCPD).

Dietrich is partnered with Sergeant Klementina “Klem” Ristovych, a Russian homicide detective with the MCPD. You don’t know how old Klem is but references are constantly made about her still being around. She is highly respected in Midway City in an almost legendary status.

The year the story takes place is never spelled out exactly. Hints are made throughout the existing series with a specific timeline of events. The Fuse itself is somewhere between thirty and fifty years old and Klem has been on it since the beginning.

The Fuse Issue 1 panel with Klem
The Fuse, issue #1, Part 1 of “The Russia Shift”, February 2014

Klem and Dietrich have a great working relationship. She teases him about his youth but respects his tenacity. She respects that his past is his business as long as it doesn’t get in the way of his job. “Marlene,” as Klem calls Dietrich, is too young, driven, and qualified to be on the Fuse but Klem trusts him. Besides, it’s probably just about a girl.

“The Russia Shift” is a six-issue series and was published from February to June 2014. You can now purchase the comprised issues in Volume 1 of The Fuse. The second, six-issue series, “Gridlock,” started in November 2014 and will conclude this month (April 2015). The comprised volume is due out in June 16, 2015.

Johnston and Greenwood are building a really great world. When I started reading “Gridlock” there was some references from the first series that I couldn’t remember. A wiki didn’t appear to exist for The Fuse so I decided if I was going to go back and re-read all the issues, why not compile the data for a wiki.

Image Comics has a pretty good presence on Wikipedia but I was shocked The Fuse didn’t even have a page, nor was it listed on the “List of Image Comics Publications” page. Who knew? Something that isn’t on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was launched January 1, 2001, so their editing system is a polished machine. It’s easy to create an account and create an article. As expected, the how-to documentation is thorough although obsure and fussy when searching for answers. The most difficult task is uploading images and inserting them into the articles, but there’s a good reason. Unlike most of the internet, Wikipedia respects copyright so uploading images requires permissions, approvals, and documentation. This is not a complaint. On the contrary, it is something I very much respect.

In the summary of this article I was going to give tips and tricks about editing and/or writing for Wikipedia but, the process is so well documented there’s not much new I can add. After-the-fact I found this article when I was trying to find out more about the Wiki approval process. It’s four years old but still gives a quicker overview of getting started on Wikipedia than the overly verbose mothership. One little hint I have would be to copy and paste.

If you plan on starting a brand new article, login to your account on Wikipedia and do a search for an existing article similar to the one you want to add. Select the “Edit” tab to display the editing box for the article. At this point you can select sections to copy and paste into your own article to continue the consistency of keywords and outlines.

Wikipedia editing

At this posting my Wiki article for The Fuse is still awaiting review, which could take weeks.


wikipedia review backlog

I want to thank Antony Johnston for helping me with the article and giving permission to upload images. Keep writing, guys!

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.

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