Baby = Spider-Woman #1; Bathwater = Manara variant

Baby = Spider-Woman #1; Bathwater = Manara variant

There’s usually at least one new thing I learn in each con panel I attend. Any tidbit that expands my education or adds to the context of a discussion is of great value to me. (For instance, when I attended the Screenwriting panel at DragonCon I picked up the method of writing your screenplay first as a short story and then converting it.)

Besides being a thrilling gathering of Captain Marvel and Kelly Sue DeConnick fans, the Carol Corp meeting at DragonCon also taught me something.

The Milo Manara variant cover for Spider-Woman #1 was mentioned by the audience and DeConnick made a wonderful observation: there are a lot of creators associated with Spider-Woman who are suffering from the negative press.

(Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about the cover in an interview with SparkNotes. Forward to time 5:28.)

This is so true and something I was happy to be reminded of. The objections to the Manara cover have been heard by the appropriate people and responded to, but don’t forget there is a hopeful and creative writer, Dennis Hopeless, and cover artist, Greg Land, among many others, who are vested in the project but did not have a part in Manara’s cover.

Being a firm believer in creative expression and the devil’s advocate in most of our feminist discussions, even I find this cover a complete cluster. Manara is a really great artist who has done Marvel covers before. If Spider-Woman #1 is erotica or intended to be vampy, then there’s no argument from me. But it doesn’t sound like that was the writer’s goal, at least.


Buy the issue with Land’s cover. Read Hopeless’s story. These may be the artists you really do want to support. Believe that Marvel has heard you and let them show you what they heard and what they think about it with future issues.

The hope is always that people learn and become better people, so don’t throw them out. Ever.

Release: November 2014

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