Sharpen Your Senses with FPS

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Sharpen Your Senses with FPS

The October issue of WIRED magazine featured “Living By the Numbers: The Wired Guide to Health” listing 18 “data-driven ways to be happier, healthier, and ever a little smarter.”

Coming in at number 13—First Person Shooters.

According to research done at the University of Rochester, FPS games can make you quicker and keep you focused and does it in a relatively short amount of time.

“Nongamers who play just one hour a day for several weeks get benefits in faster reaction time and focus…”

Game on.

*WIRED magazine will live broadcast October 15-16 their first ever health conference, “Living By Numbers”.

Rhonda has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a self-taught graphic designer. She considers herself a geek*wildcard because she has a little bit of experience in everything.

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